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Welcome to Pokemon Quest Recipes!

In this Web App, you'll find all the Pokemon Quest Recipes available for Pokemon, Dishes, Stews, and Types! (Recetas for our Spanish visitors)

On the left-hand side on Desktop or directly above on Mobile you'll see the Type navigation, each type is associated with a Dish la cube.

Above that is another navigation bar, in which you can also access Recipes for each Pokemon as well as our other pages.

When viewing Pokemon Quest Recipes, you'll see all of the Ingredients that you need to make a Dish lined in a row, the order of the Ingredients doesn't matter. Within the Ingredients, you'll find Bluk Berries, Rainbow Matter, Mystical Shells, Icy Rocks, Fossils, Apricorns, Balm Mushrooms, Tiny Mushrooms, and Big Roots.

You'll also see small icons, which represent the various Cooking Pots you unlock throughout the game, the number next to them tells you how many expeditions it will take for that pot to attract a Pokemon for the Recipes listed below it. The Quality represents the rarity of the ingredients that are included in the Recipe. These range from Normal, Good, Very Good, and the most ingredient expensive, Special!

For each Pokemon in filters for type and the Pokemon section of the site, we've organized the Recipes with the Highest attract rate for that Pokemon at the top for that Dish, so you'll get the most out of your precious Ingredients!

We hope you enjoy your stay on our Pokemon Quest Recipes Web App. Please leave any suggestions in the form on the About page, have a great adventure on Happenstance Island adventurers!