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Please increase from 1st generation to 9th generation ("1세대부터 9세대까지 늘려주세요.")

Unfortunately, the Pokemon Quest version released by Nintendo only includes 1st generation Pokemon, so this won't be possible

How can I evolve Pokemon? ("¿como puedo evolucionar pokemons?")

We've added an "info" dropdown for each Pokemon that can evolve, choose a pokemon on pokequestrecipes.me/pokemon/ and click Info below the Pokemon name.

What is abra's most powerful attack?? (Cual es el ataque más poderoso de abra")

It would be Psybeam, which is a B- move in the community tier list.

How do you defeat Golem and Alakazam?

While I don't have specifics for strategies for these particular Pokemon, you can ask these questions in the very helpful Pokemon Quest Discord server.

What are the best Machop attacks? ("Cuáles son los mejores ataques de Machop")

His attacks are quite mediocre looking at the community tier list, however Machop's Bulk Up S+ Tier, due to it's effect applying to your whole team.

How to farm Mystical Shells?

Level 12-B is the best place to go for farming them, as Mystical Shells are dropped by Legendary Pokemon.

What do you mean, Mankey doesn't have any recipes?

You may notice in the Type section of the site, that when you filter by certain Pokemon, a message will show up saying "Unfortunately recipes don't exist for that Pokemon", this is because those Pokemon belong in that dish, with the way the game was coded in terms of Recipes, there's no combination of ingredients for that Pokemon in that dish. The easiest way to find the best Recipe is to visit the Pokemon section of the site and find it via the search bar https://pokequestrecipes.me/pokemon/